History and Mission

Herbert Faber

Herbert Faber

Herbert Faber and Ruth McGurk Faber established the Appalachian Fund in 1950. Mr. Faber was a co-inventor of Formica. Faber was impressed by the character and loyalty of the Appalachian employees in his Cincinnati factory. With the fund, he sought to improve the lives of these Appalachian workers and their families.

In 1987, the Appalachian Fund dissolved and transferred $5 million to Berea College. The purpose of this was to establish the Berea College Appalachian Fund. The Fund has since grown. Yet, it remains dedicated to its original mission of improving

  • the general education,
  • health and
  • physical well being of people living in the Appalachian Mountains and surrounding areas.

Current Trustees

Bill Best
Berea, Kentucky

Wally Campbell
Berea, Kentucky

Beverly May
Langley, Kentucky

Dr. Lyle Roelofs
President, Berea College

Lois Weinberg
Hindman, Kentucky

David Cooke
Director, Berea College Appalachian Fund (ex officio)

Former Officers & Trustees

Herbert A. and Ruth McGurk Faber Cofounders, 1950
Stuart L. Faber President, 1956-1987
Shirley Faber Vice President, 1957-1987
Raymond B. Drukker Director and Trustee, 1955-1960
Dow M. Drukker Trustee, 1963-1966
Dwight Blackburn, MD Trustee, 1963-1980
Dorothy Blackburn Trustee, 1963-1980
Norbert F. Stammer Trustee, 1968-1989
Mary P. Fox, MD Trustee, 1980-1987
Charles Harris, MD Trustee, 1980-1987
Julia Stammer Director and Trustee, 1960-2002
Rev. J. Randolph Osborne Trustee, 1990-2016
Loyal Jones Trustee, 1995-2017


To Make a Difference: The Story of the Appalachian Fund 1950-1990, by Tom Parrish was published by the Berea College Press in 1990. A limited number of copies are available through the Appalachian Fund office.