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    Outdoor Exhibit: LJAC Raised Bed Garden

    • Posted on by Christopher Miller
    • Title: Grow Appalachia Raised Bed Project

      Dates Showing: May 2015 through until the growing season ends, about October 15

      Location: South side of Stephenson Hall, just outside the Longwall Gallery

      Description: Grow Appalachia shows just how much food can be produced in a 3ft. by 7ft. by raised bed garden.  The Grow Appalachia staff are planting a sequence of crops.  The first crop: mesclun greens.

      Curators: The Grow Appalachia staff and student Shadia Prater

      The LJAC Raised Bed

      The LJAC Raised Bed

      It is possible to grow a great deal of food in a small space with proper variety selection and management. We will also plant cold hardy varieties in the fall with the goal being the production of something tasty and nutritious nine months a year.

      Grow Appalachia is working to make Appalachia healthier and more food secure one season, one garden, one family at a time.

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