CTM Symposium Speakers

Year Name Topic
1974 Gary English, Moderator Panel on Old Time Music, including John Lair, Bradley Kincaid, Lily May Pennington, Asa Martin, Jean Ritchie, Buell Kazee, Bert Layne, and Fred Stanley
1975 Joan Moser, Chairwoman Panel on Traditional Appalachian Instruments and Music, including John Lair, Janette Carter, Paul Campbell, Byard Ray, Buell Kazee, Sparky Rucker, and Raymond McLain
1976 John Ramsay, Director of BC Recreation Extensions and the Country Dancers Panel on Traditional Dance Music, including Peter Rogers and John McCutcheon
1977 William H. Tallmadge, BC Music Department Panel on Cecil Sharp in Kentucky, including Raymond K. McLain, Maude Kilbourne, and Ethel Capps
1978 Bill C. Malone, Professor of History at Tulane University Traditional Roots of Country Music
1979 Burt Feintuch, Western Kentucky University Traditional Fiddling in the South
1980 Charles Wolfe, Professor of English at Middle Tennessee State University Murfreesboro Early Recording Companies and Old Time Music
1981 Doc Watson, Bill Monroe and Ralph Rinzler Music and Change in the Region
1982 Jean Ritchie and George Pickow Collection and Documentation
1983 William H. Tallmadge, BC Music Department The Lining Hymnody of the Regular Baptist, including singers from the Indian Bottom Association of Old Regular Baptist and Elder Elwood Cornett
1984 Guthrie T. Meade Seeking out the Early Kentucky Recording Artists
1985 Loyal Jones, Director of Berea College Appalachian Center. Bascom Lamar Lunsford and the Folk Festival Movement
1986 Bill C. Malone, Professor of History at Tulane University Bluegrass: Is it Traditional? including Bobbie Malone
1987 W.K. McNeil, Folklorist The Relationship Between Ozark and Appalachian Music: Similarities and Differences
1988 Ivan M. Tribe, Rio Grande State University The Stoneman Family of Virginia
1989 Michael Kline, Western Carolina University Walker Calhoun- Cherokee Singer
1990 Michael Kline, Western Carolina University Cherokee Music and Dance, including Walker Calhoun and the Raven Rock Dancers
1991 Kinney Rorrer Banjo Styles of Virginia and North Carolina
1992 John Harrod In Search of ‘The Lost Hornpipe’: Adventures with Kentucky Traditional Music
1993 Gerald Milnes, Folklorist at Augusta Heritage Center The Fretted Dulcimer in West Virginia, including Walter Miller
1994 Sparky Rucker Civil War Music
1995 John Hartford The Legendary Fiddler Ed Haley
1996 Betty Smith A Singer Among Singers: Jane Gentry of Madison County, North Carolina
1997 Cari Norris Lily May Ledford
1998 Susan and Geoff Eacker Women Banjo Players in Appalachia
1999 Carl Smith, Kentucky State University Lined Hymns in African-American Churches in Eastern Kentucky
2000 Homer Ledford Creating Traditional Music Instruments
2001 Alan Jabbour, Founding Director of the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress Fiddle Tunes of the Old Frontier
2002 George R. Gibson Knott County Banjo: History, Tales, Tunes, and Traditions
2003 Phil Jamison, Warren Wilson College The Square Roots: Origins and Evolution of Southern Appalachians Square Dance
2004 John Bealle Sacred Harp as Folksong
2005 John Harrod A Keen Cut with the Bow: The Art of Kentucky Fiddling
2006 Fred J. Hay, Appalachian State University Affrilachian Music: Black Musicians and Black/ White Musical Exchange in Appalachia
2007 Michael and Carrie Nobel Kline Where the Coal Trains Load: World Music of Eastern Pennsylvania
2008 Cecelia Conway, Appalachian State University African Roots of the Mountain Banjo and Fiddle
2009 Loyal Jones Country Music Humorists and Comedians
2011 Deborah Thompson, Coordinator of Country Dance Programs and
Assistant Professor of General Studies
Who gets to be an Appalachian Musician?: The Place of Race and Gender in Appalachian Music