Student Staff

                                   Operations Team

Britney Napier is from Clay County, Kentucky which is found in Central Appalachia and is statistically the hardest place to live. She is currently a graduating Senior majoring in Sociology with a concentration in Appalachian Studies. Her goals after graduating from Berea College include being involved with social movements in Appalachia for the improvement of education, living conditions, and the rights of Appalachian people.

Britney’s involvement at Berea College is being a part of the Berea College Promise Neighborhood Initiatives and volunteering with Berea Buddies. A few interesting facts about Britney: she does traditional, modern, and free form fiber arts, she plays the ukulele, and is learning traditional folk tunes on the banjo.

Britney Napier
Britney Napier: Research & Writing Associate

Ciara Felty is from Boone County, West Virginia. She is a Senior majoring in Appalachian Studies with a minor in English.  After graduation, she hopes to pursue a Masters of Public Administration with a focus in Community Development at EKU.  With her education, she hopes to do in-depth study and research of the sociological and economical background of Appalachia and the people within it.  She also hopes to serve the region that raised her through community development and enrichment work.

Her involvement at Berea College is being the secretary for the Berea College Appalachian Student Union and participating in campus social activism movements and opportunities. Outside of college, She enjoys traditional dancing and music, reading books about and from the Appalachian region, and writing fiction and personal non-fiction.

Ciara Felty: Operations Manager

                                  Curatorial Team

Kathryn Dunn is a Biological Anthropology major, from Berea, Kentucky. After Berea College, she plans to attend graduate school for Archaeology. Her academic interests include contact archaeology, cultural memory, memorialization, and human rights. Her life goals include seeing at least 20 countries before she’s fifty (so far she’s hit 4 – Tanzania, Germany, Poland, and Holland), spending most of her summers covered in dirt, and maintaining her habit of always reading too many books at one time.

Kathryn Dunn
Kathryn Dunn: Curatorial Manager

Shadia Prater is from Knoxville, Tennessee. She is a Senior Asian Studies & Computer Science double major. After Berea College, she plans to participate in the Japanese Exchange and Teaching program in Japan to teach English to school children. Shadia hopes to hone her Japanese skills while in Japan and loves to learn about Asian cultures and religions. She has already studied abroad for a semester in Japan and hopes to go back one day. A few of her life goals include living in Japan for at least three years and learning how to knit and play the guitar.

Shadia Prater
Shadia Prater: Operations Media Associate