Our Funds

The Loyal Jones Appalachian Center is a home away from home for many students. Our work would not be possible without the generous support of our Berea community. Every donor is a member of the LJAC family and we wholeheartedly appreciate your contributions!

Anne Evans Family Fund est. 2007

This fund provides us the ability to buy new books for the Faber Library. Additionally, the fund allows for allocation to purchase hand crafted furniture for the center.

Appalachian Center Traditional Music Celebration Fund est. 1999

Established by Mr. and Mrs. Carl Leming

This fund can be used by the Appalachian Center to help in the expenses of the yearly program called the Celebration of Traditional Music.  If this celebration program is not continued in the future, for any reason, the income from this fund can be used to support the preservation of the tapes and manuscript records of the Celebration in the Appalachian Collection at Berea College.

Class of 1943 Endowment Fund

Established by BC 1943 graduates to help fund expenses for faculty travel into the Appalachian region to increase understanding of the background of Berea students.

Eleanore Sturgill Fund est. 2007

Sturgill is a 1955 Berea Graduate.

Her funds support exhibits, restoration of exhibits, and other programmatic needs of the Loyal  Jones Appalachian Center.

Red Foley Memorial Music Award Fund est. 1970

The Red Foley Award, established in 1970, recognizes talented Berea students for their musical contribution to the social life of the campus community.  It is also intended to help the recipient in a professional music career if he or she so desires and is intended to promote the kind of music associated with Red Foley’s career such as folk, country, bluegrass, gospel and popular music.  The award was established in memory of country music star Red Foley who attended the Berea Academy School.  It was initiated by E. E. Siman, Jr., Navy V-12 1944, Foley’s longtime friend and manager.

The award is presented at the Student Service Awards Banquet.  A cash award and plaque are given to the student winner.

Roy N. and Lillie Mae Crouch Walters Memorial Fund

Lillie Mae Crouch Walters and her husband, Roy N. Walters, were BC 1927 graduates.  They each were also BC faculty and staff.  Roy N. Walters was for many years the Dean of Berea Foundation School.

The Roy Walters Memorial Fund was established by his widow, Lillie Mae Crouch Walters, in 1980, for the purpose of providing income for faculty research on Appalachian topics.  After Lillie Walters’ death in 1995, her name was added to the Fund. 

L. Allen Smith Memorial Fund est. 2009

This fund is used to enrich the study and understanding of traditional Appalachian music by activities including:

  • Honoring a traditional musician or group on the Berea College campus each year at an event celebrating traditional music
  • Recording performances and oral histories of the performers for the Berea College Sound Archives
  • Engaging scholars to participate in symposiums of traditional music