LJAC Mission & Vision

The Loyal Jones Appalachian Center envisions a future in which Appalachian communities seek progress through democratic participation, social justice, and environmental stewardship; sustainable local economies provide meaningful work and the opportunity of the highest quality for the region’s people; and empowered citizens build upon a rich and diverse cultural heritage as they define their own visions for the future. 

To realize this vision the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center . . .

(1) Fosters teaching & learning for all undergraduates regarding Appalachia, through the lens of the eight great commitments;

(2) Supports academic, career, and social success of students from Appalachian counties;

(3) Increases understanding of and interaction with Appalachia among faculty, staff, and alumni;

(4) Explores and illuminates, for all people, the richness of the Appalachian region, people, and cultures by

  • Celebrating, sustaining, and sharing the historical and cultural diversity in Appalachia;
  • Recognizing the importance of place and heritage in a rapidly changing world; and
  • Promoting scholarship that benefits the Appalachian region;

(5) Creates synergy among programs inside and outside the LJAC;

(6) Carries forward our work by . . .

  • Continuing to identify opportunities for Berea College to better serve the region;
  • Assessing and updating the LJAC’s work and programs; and
  • Sustaining our work though ensuring institutional commitment and leveraging outside resources.
Students perform Jim Wayne Miller’s “The Brier Sermon” as Megan Jones’ Sr. Project