The Loyal Jones Appalachian Center presents an ongoing program of interpretive exhibits in our Center and around campus. Our LJAC Gallery includes exhibits that introduce visitor and students to Appalachia, explore special topics, and tell interesting stories.

Location: The LJAC Gallery is on the Berea College Campus in the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center. This is located on the first floor of Stephenson Hall, 205 N. Main St., Berea, Kentucky. Public parking is available at the nearby College Square, near the Boone Tavern Hotel.

Hours: The LJAC Gallery exhibits are free and open to the public 8:00am-5:00pm weekdays. The Gallery may be closed to the public when in use as a classroom and on Berea College holidays. Other times may be possible by special arrangement.

Now Showing in the Center:

Now Showing in Other Locations:

Tea Sugar Girl

Berea Made, Berea Served: Glimpses of Past Student Labor

Showing the Frost Building Lobby

All students at Berea College have worked in the Student Labor Program since its official beginning in 1906. Many things about the program have changed. Some student positions no longer exist and others have evolved considerably. There also used to be a Labor Day Parade and contests for certain kinds of work. This exhibit explores a few labor positions, kinds of work, and Labor Day activities that no longer exist. It uses artifacts from the Berea College history collection and images from the College archives.