A Dramatic Reading of the Brier Sermon


Loyal Jones Appalachian Center

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Brier Sermon is a theatrical reading of Jim Wayne Miller’s poem, “The Brier Sermon.” It was directed and adapted for the stage by Megan Rebecckiah Jones as part of her senior theatre project. This production stars Rachel Brown as The Wise Woman, Victoria Brown as The Frustrated Matriarch, Joseph Cross as The Good Ol’ Boy, and Jimmy Ladd Horn as The Story Teller. Jones chose this epic poem that covers a variety of social, economic, and environmental issues of the Appalachian region, and divided it between these four Appalachian archetypes, to combat the typical stereotypes of Appalachians.“The play came with a message: You Must be Born Again. This was not one of spiritual rededication, but of rededicating your lives to your homeland instead. If a person does not remember where they are from, they are doomed to wander aimlessly throughout the world and not know to the full extent what their identity really is,” said Jones.


Rachel Brown – The Wise Woman

Victoria Brown – The Frustrated Matriarch

Joseph Cross – The Good Ol’ Boy

Jimmy Ladd Horn – The Story Teller

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