The Gravy – Reflections on Appalachian Center Events and Programs

We have so many wonderful events and programs taking place here in the Appalachian Center. This blog is for highlighting those events, and sharing them with the public.

A Trip to Appalachian State University

Being from West Virginia, the comforting embrace of the mountains that I was so fond of during my younger years has been lost in my time at Berea.  They’re visible in the distance, but it’s not the same.  My favorite thing to tell people is that there’s “just too much dang sky here!”  My heart […]

A Trip to Marshall University

From what I remember, it was a morning much like any other during the summer months in Berea, Kentucky; hot, humid, and quiet. Chris Green had told me much of the place we were going as he reminisced about the earlier years in his career. We were heading to Marshall University, a place much like Berea College, […]

Plum Star-struck at the 2018 Appalachian Studies Association Conference

There I was, sitting in a stool, graduate school materials splayed out on the round table in front of me, jabbing at the jaw with friends about nothing in particular at the 2018 Appalachian Studies Association Conference.  We had all been taking turns manning the Berea College table throughout the weekend, so when a white-bearded […]

Snapshots of Appalachia

Whipstitches (MadHat Press, 2016) by Randi Ward is a collection of miniature poetry snapshots of Appalachian life. Ciara Felty and I work at the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center and took a liking to the book when it was nominated for the poetry Weatherford Award in 2016. We spent time in the rocking chairs out in the Center Gallery taking [...]

Reflections on “‘Look and See’: A Portrait of Wendell Berry”

During the watching of “’Look and See’: A Portrait of Wendell Berry”, our attention was brought to the issues that farmers go through every year. Some of the issues brought light to the fact that farmers have to go into debt first before they can think about making any profit or how the farmers have […]

Jessie van Eerden: A Night of Reading at the Appalachian Center

On the evening of February 15, writer and educator Jessie van Eerden came to the the Appalachian Center for an Appalachian Heritage hosted event to read from her new collection of portrait essays, A Long Weeping. Van Eerden is a native West Virginian and currently directs the MFA program at West Virginia Wesleyan College. She […]

Reclaiming Appalachia: Photography and Woodwork by Dr. Alan Mills

The Appalachian Center Gallery was packed with people enjoying Panera sandwiches on Thursday, February 26th, for the Dinner on the Grounds with Dr. Alan Mills. Mills is a photographer, professor, and woodworker who is invested in preserving Appalachian history through photography and reclamation. Mills kicked off his presentation by sharing some of his photography in […]

West By God Virginia

A poem by Berea College student Britney Napier on the Buffalo Mining Creek Disaster. 7:57 AM The mountains are still asleep The dense fog dissipates into the low-lying valleys After the delicate dew had been ignited By the waking West Virginian Sun Hush now, you’ll wake the baby 7:58 AM Jesus told Noah to build […]

Thoughts on Kin and Sin: Reflection on the Appalachian Ballad Concert

Dusk had settled into night as the blistering wind had picked up, a storm loomed heavily over Berea. The fallen autumn leaves and shivering guests breezed in through the doors of Phelps-Stokes, their cheeks blood red and their eyes wild with curiosity. It was no secret that the “Appalachian Ballad Concert” translated to murder ballads and other sinful subject matters. They […]

In These Fields

Around me, everyone is chatting, catching up, unwinding scarves worn to block the biting wind outside. In Union Church, though, it is warm and people are ready to catch up with old friends and to make new ones. There is a buzz of excitement in the air as everyone awaits a special performance of In […]

Ballads and Tales: Loyal Jones’s Curious and Jocular Heroes

As one of the cosmic papaws of Appalachian Studies, it’s no surprise that Loyal Jones’s presentation for the annual Celebration of Traditional Music, Appalachian Ballads & My Four Jocular Heroes, was brimming with interesting tidbits of information and stories of his jocular heroes that would make anyone wish they had personally known them. I knew […]

Human Generosity Project

Cooperation in an Uncertain World: The Human Generosity Project from East Africa to Southern Appalachian On Tuesday, September 26, the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center welcomed Dr. Lee Cronk and Dr. Helen Wasielewski for the first Dinner on the Grounds of the fall semester. They shared their work with The Human Generosity Project and experiences they’ve […]

The Rhythmic Writing of the Impossible

A Poetry Workshop with Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon I heard Lyrae read her poetry for the first time at the Appalachian Writers Symposium on September 13th, and I knew that I just had to attend her poetry workshop the following morning. Her voice carried her poems with a rhythm that made me want to bop around. […]

Lessons from the Rooster Killer

A reflection on Rebecca Gayle Howell’s workshop during the Berea College’s Appalachian Symposium 2017. “I walk into Rebecca Gayle Howell’s Multi-Genre Micro-Revision workshop unsure of what to expect. I am unfamiliar with Howell’s work other than a poem titled How to Kill a Rooster, but I knew that her name was one to respect and […]

The Summer I Became a Not so Starving Artist

My summer with the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center’s Studio began with redesigning a light show for a cloud constructed of beer pong balls. After that small design success, Chris Miller, who runs the LJAC Studio, proposed another creative project to me. His vision was to have a series of displays of beings that live in […]

Coffee with Loyal

“Make sure to fix yourself some coffee. And bring out those cookies.” What else would I expect from one of the most prominent figures of Appalachian Studies? Loyal Jones was sure to provide genuine hospitality and a hot cup of coffee to sip on while we kicked back and discussed anything from politics to religion […]

Appalachian Picture Books

“Librarians recognize that a young child’s response to a story is dependent on the degree to which that story is rooted in that child’s experience. Teachers know that children learn to read with far greater ease if their reading material deals with familiar surroundings and customs.” –  Judy Martin When I first began working at […]

Connie West

As of spring of 2017, the Long Wall Gallery at the Appalachian Center has been host to paintings from Connie West’s collection called Companions on her Journey.  These particular paintings were collected and preserved by Wess Harris and Appalachian Community Services, Inc. Connie West’s original name was Mabel Constance Adams. She was born in Corbin, […]

Crystal Wilkinson: Black Women and Mental Health in Appalachia

On March 28th 2017 the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center was honored to welcome Professor Crystal Wilkinson, author of the award-winning novel The Birds of Opulence. She shared intimate details about her family’s struggle with mental illness and her thoughts on how we need to change the way mental illness is addressed within Black communities and Appalachia. […]

Appalachian Studies Association

This month I was able to go to the 40th Appalachian Studies Association Conference. I attended panels on food growth, just economic transition, combating white supremacy in the region, and the book Hillbilly Elegy. The talks were engaging and even personal as was the case for Hillbilly Elegy, wherein the author shares a somewhat simplified […]

Ronnie Lundy: Writing is Food for the Soul

On Thursday, March 2, the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center was excited to welcome food and music writer, Ronni Lundy to lead the Dinner on the Grounds event with a reading of her beautiful new cookbook, Victuals. People gathered in high anticipation around bowls of steaming noodles from locally owned and operated Noodle Nirvana. As everyone […]

Erik Reece visits Berea College

I am eating cornbread that is sweet and satisfyingly soft while I am seated at a round table surrounded by classmates, faculty and staff. I am reminded of family meals, occasions for catching up and eating well; this time however the occasion is with the Berea community. We have gathered for a Dinner on the […]

Singers/Songwriters Night with Elizabeth DiSavino

On Friday, January 27th, the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center hosted the Singer-Songwriter Night hosted by the Berea College Folk Roots Ensemble, directed by Liza Disavino. This is an annual event open to students, faculty, and community members at the beginning of each spring semester, offering an opportunity for all musicians, singers, and songwriters to come […]

Dolly Parton Pinball Machine

With sweaty hands, I mash a big round button and my eyes dart all over a gaudy landscape of pinks, yellows, butterflies, and blinking lights, trying frantically to predict the chaotic path of the small silver ball that has been my obsession for the last 20 minutes. I am so close…so close…LEANator’s unthinkable, unbeatable score [...]

Appalachian Christmas Stories

“Imagine a morning in late November. A coming of winter morning more than twenty years ago. Consider the kitchen of a spreading old house in a country town. A great black stove is its main feature; but there is also a big round table and a fireplace with two rocking chairs placed in front of […]

Taking a Moment to Pause

On Thursday, Nov 10th 2016, Berea College had the honor of welcoming Brother Paul Quenon, a monk from the Abbey of Gethsemani, for a campus visit. His visit was a breath of fresh air in the wake of a tumultuous election day, and his calming presence was felt by many as he attended the Spiritual […]

Denise Giardina Visits the Appalachian Center

On Wednesday, November 2, the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center was honored to host novelist Denise Giardina, author of Storming Heaven and The Unquiet Earth, for a reading of her work. The center was packed with students, professors, and community members eager to hear her speak. Berea Junior, Hannah Musick, provided a glowing introduction for Giardina […]

Around the World in Appalachia

Growing up in rural Yancey County, North Carolina, I often took walks down to Prices Creek, which ran at the bottom of my driveway. I would sift through the silt to find  shining flecks of what my dad told me was called “mica.” I would return home with fistfuls, most pieces no larger than a small skipping [...]