National Endowment for the Humanities Chair in Appalachian Studies

The current holder of our NEH Chair in Appalachian Studies is Appalachian author Silas House.  House has held the chair since Fall of 2010.  House is a celebrated author, gifted teacher, and popular speaker on regional issues.

Silas House

Our NEH Chair in Appalachian Studies:

    • Supports regional scholarship, especially within the Berea College faculty
    • Exposes our students to variety of approaches to regional scholarship
    • Provides for the inclusion of diverse topics in Appalachian Studies curriculum
Appalachian writers panel, 2011
House moderating a panel of Appalachian writers in 2011

Berea College created the chair in 2001 under a Challenge Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Holders of the NEH Chair in Appalachian Studies include:

      • 2010-present, Silas House, M.F.A.
      • 2007-2010, William Turner, Ph.D., Sociology
      • 2006-2007, Tammy Horn, Ph.D., Twentieth Century Literature
      • 2005-2006, William Schumann, Ph.D., Anthropology
      • 2004-2005, Joyce Miller, Ph.D., American Studies
      • 2003-2004, Meta Mendel-Reyes, Ph.D., General Studies and Political Science
      • 2002-2003, Jack Wright, M.A., Film Studies, visiting from Ohio University
      • 2001-2002, James Yount, Ed.D., Technology Education;

Last updated September 2014