Faber Library

Faber Interior
Interior of Faber Library

Hours: 8am – 5pm, Mon. – Fri. (except when in-use for meetings or events)

Location: Room 128 Stephenson Hall (accessed through the LJAC Gallery)

Holdings: Catalogued in the Hutchins Library catalogue: BANC

With handcrafted cherry furniture and natural lighting, Faber library serves as “one stop shop” for researching Appalachia, housing hundreds of books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, and newsletters related to the Appalachian region and issues. Holdings include a full-run of essential Appalachian studies journals such as Appalachian Heritage, Appalachian Journal, The Journal of Appalachian Studies, Mountain Life & Work, and Now & Then.

Faber Books
Appalachian Studies books in the Faber Library

Our books range from contemporary scholarship and history of the region, to traditional crafts and music, to modern Appalachian novels and poetry. You can learn about everything from being a coal miner’s daughter to living in urban Appalachian cities. We also have a good selection of films about Appalachia, including many by Appalshop.

Although open to the public, Faber is not a circulating library, so the material must be used on site. Anything catalogued is also available at the Hutchins Library for extended use if needed.

Faber Library can be reserved for student, staff, and community meetings upon request. Classes can be held there as well. To request the use of Faber Library, please contact:

Heather Dent, Program Associate
Ext. 859-985-3140, Heather_Dent@berea.edu