Annual Celebration of Traditional Music

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Our next Celebration of Traditional Music will take place October 13-16, 2022!

The Celebration of Traditional Music strives to:

  • Represent homemade music passed on from person to person in the Appalachian Region.
  • Represent musicians who play it.

The CTM features:

  • Old time string band music
  • Blues
  • Traditional gospel singing
  • Ballads
  • Acoustic instruments.

All are featured in a family-friendly atmosphere. Berea College’s students, faculty, and staff welcome the public to enjoy this festival of roots music and dancing on our campus. Bring your instruments, feet, and voices. Enjoy the many jam sessions and opportunities to learn how to sing, play, and dance to this music.

The CTM is partially supported by the L. Allen Smith Memorial Fund

Join Us

If you are a traditional musician and would like to play in the festival, please send your biography and a music sample to:

Appalachian Center
CPO 2166
Berea College
Berea KY 40404

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