About Our Center

View of the Appalachian Center gallery

The Loyal Jones Appalachian Center at Berea College is a complex mixture of scholarship, academics, in-reach, out-reach, and action.  Director Chris Green likens it to an octopus, in which neurological function is not all concentrated in one place, but is distributed.  Our Center has core activities based in our dynamic and multifunctional LJAC Gallery.  We also have several connected programs, each with a different level of autonomy and blend of support.  Use the links below to learn more about this complex entity we call the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center.

Our History | About Loyal Jones | Staff & Faculty | Newsletter | Timeline of Berea’s Appalachian Commitment 

Core Activities

Appalachian Studies @ BC | Faber Library | Events | LJAC Gallery | Exhibits | Artifact Collections | NEH Chair

The LJAC Family of Programs

Appalachian Heritage Literary Quarterly | Brushy Fork Institute | Entrepreneurship for the Public Good | Grow Appalachia | The Celebration of Traditional Music