Pop-up Putt-Putt Golf, Appalachian Studies Themed

People playing Appalachian-themed putt-putt golf in the gallery

Pop-up putt-putt in the LJAC Gallery, February 2022

It started with a joke in the exhibit studio.  “Let’s make a putt-putt golf course with an Appalachian theme,” said a student curator. We laughed and joked about what different holes might be.

When the pandemic hit, LJAC turned its focus towards student support and experiences.  The putt-putt-as-interactive-exhibit concept came back to life.  The studio buzzed with activity as Miller and two student curators made it real.  We researched indoor mini-golf, found suppliers, brainstormed themes, and built mockups.  We iteratively improved our designs through pop-up testing with real golfers in the gallery and a soft-opening in December 2021. Interpretive signs connect golfing to nuggets of Appalachian studies content.

Pop-up putt-putt opened on the evening of February 2, 2022. Until March 2, 2022 it “pops up” in the LJAC gallery from noon, Wednesday, through noon, Thursday. Expect it to continue to pop up during winter months for years to come.

Curatorial Team: Ainsley Golden ’23, Lyle Wagoner ’24, and Christopher Miller.

Location: Loyal Jones Appalachian Center Gallery, 1st Floor Stephenson Hall

Our Putt-Putt Holes: