Librarians, Entrepreneurs, & Storekeepers: Protagonists in Appalachian Children’s Literature

The exhibition is a reflection on Appalachian protagonists throughout children’s literature, featuring characters from over 6 of the Appalachian states. Each character is unique bringing something new to the table. Their hopes and dreams vary from the desire catch the fastest chicken in the barnyard to finding a solution to eliminate toxic waste from the Chattanooga Creek. The selected examples, vary in age, race, region, and culture, because as Appalachian Center Director, Chris Green, would say, “There are many different Appalachias.” and it is important to reflect that. This exhibit is meant to expand the audience’s perception of who an Appalachian protagonist is, and inspire conversations about how we can be more inclusive in representing Appalachians in children’s literature today.

Dates Showing: June 17, 2019 to October 18, 2019

Location: Loyal Jones Appalachian Center, Longwall Gallery

Curated by:
Heather Dent, Program Associate of LJAC
Magenta Palo, Student Curatorial Associate