A Visit from Sarah McCartt-Jackson

The Loyal Jones Appalachian Center hosted an event called ‘Write Where You Are’ where poet and author Sarah McCartt-Jackson came to read some of her poems and have a discussion with us.

Sarah McCartt-Jackson is the author of Stonelight, winner of the 2017 Airlie Prize, and three chapbooks: Calf CanyonVein of Stone, and Children Born on the Wrong Side of the River, which won the 2015 Mary Ballard Poetry Prize. She received an Al Smith Individual Artist Fellowship from the Kentucky Arts Council, and has served as artist-in-residence for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Shotpouch Cabin through Oregon State University. She works on a farm in Louisville, where she also teaches poetry and makes up half of the art Project Diode.

I, personally, loved hearing her read her stories and explain her motivation for them. She told us things she’d learned growing up; common beliefs and traditions held in Appalachia. It was a lovely event, and we absolutely loved having her with us!! Check out her writing, she is a wonderful author, and you can tell she has a passion and love for what she does.

You can learn more about Sarah and work by visiting https://sarahmccarttjackson.com/

Article Written by Kyle Rector