Logging in E. Kentucky

Logging in E. Ky. by Robert Horn IIA small exhibition created by Robert Horn II, in partial completion of an independent study in Appalachian Studies. Horn comes to Berea College from Estill County, Kentucky. As a result, he chose to focus his research in that region between the years of 1900-1935. From this research, he built a scale diorama of a logging scenario. Horn showcases the use of oxen, various tools, and the appearance of the land due to logging. Furthermore, he developed interpretive panels with historical images for the viewer’s use.

Dates Showing: December 12, 2016 – TBA

Location: Loyal Jones Appalachian Center, Longwall Gallery

Curated by: Robert Horn II (’16) an Appalachian Studies Major at Berea College.

Logging Diorama Closeup