Cumulolachian Summer Daydream

Cumulolachian Summer Daydream: an art installation inspired by clouds, made of ping pong balls, and with programmable light show

Title: Cumulolachian Summer Daydream

Dates Showing: Installed August 5th, 2016, lightshow revised occasionally, showing indefinitely!

Location: Loyal Jones Appalachian Center Gallery

Introduction from Label: Cumulolachian Summer Daydream – “Clouds are both a feature of Appalachian skies and a symbolic element of literature and art. In the skies clouds filter sunshine, make shade, reflect colors, drop rain, and darken the earth. In the mind clouds are whimsical and deceiving. People see kittens and battleships, dragons and candy. It has even been suggested that all cumulus clouds look like Kentucky. As symbols, clouds can suggest both happiness and foreboding, lazy days and urgency. Perhaps clouds project the tensions that make up Appalachian Studies?”

Occasionally, we program a new light show in the cloud.  The current show was designed and programmed by Student Curatorial Assistant Magenta Palo.

Fun Facts:


  • Contains 6,015 ping ping balls
  • Has 300 individually controlled LED lights
  • Plays a 12-minute light show using a programmable micro controller

An installation by:

  • Magenta Palo, Lighting Artist/Programmer
  • Jessica Bartoe, Artist
  • Shadia Prater, Lighting Programmer
  • Christopher Miller, Art Director


Thanks to the following for their assistance:

Alicia Crocker, Blinkinlabs Studio, Haley Arthur, Kathryn Dunn, and Sara Garner

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