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Standing Exhibit: “Exploring Appalachia”

Posted on by Christopher Miller


Title: “Exploring Appalachia”

Dates Showing: Ongoing since 2006, but constantly changing.

Description: Centered around a 12 foot square relief map of the region, this exhibit provides a nice introduction to the Appalachia for all levels of interest.  This map is the backdrop when the Gallery is converted to a classroom, making the Gallery a great setting for teaching about the region.



Exhibit highlights include a thirty pound block of coal–the amount required to generate the average daily electrical usage of the typical American household; a map of all the places in Appalachian where energy is generated and fuels are extracted; information about the history, naming, and definition of Appalachia; and a little about Appalachian dialect.

Curators: There have been a host of curators for different components of this exhibit including, Christopher Miller, Chad Berry, Silas House, and Chris Green.  Assisted by many student Curatorial Assistants and Associates.

Location: Main Gallery, Loyal Jones Appalachian Center, Stephenson Hall Ground Floor, Berea College Campus, 211 N. Main St., Berea, Kentucky.  Public Parking is available at College Square and on Main Street.


One Response to Standing Exhibit: “Exploring Appalachia”

  1. Jonita says:

    The map gives such a clear understanding of the diversity of the region.


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