Agriculture & Natural Resources Program

Plant Propagation and Sales

Within this enterprise students practice skills necessary to the retail market, including plant production techniques and customer service.  Not strictly agricultural, this area focuses more on ornamental plants for the home, backyard garden, or landscape

Members of the greenhouse core team are responsible for organizing spring and fall plant sales.  Offerings vary according to the season, but usually include tropicals, houseplants, hanging baskets, potted native trees; as well as flower, herb, and vegetable transplants.  Students contribute by setting prices, preparing the location, and assisting customers on sale days.  Although the greenhouse will host only a few plant sales each year, preparation for these events is a lengthy process: from the sowing of seed to the finished product several weeks later. Horticulture students work year-round to maintain plants in good condition and to produce more: through repotting, fertilizing, thinning, deadheading, and daily watering of all container-grown stock.  Repotting of perennials and houseplants occurs once or twice a year to ensure they meet retail quality.  Many plants, including blueberries, strawberries, spider plants, Cuban oregano, jade, chandelier plant, and mother-of-millions, are propagated by rooting cuttings.  These immature specimens need special attention and a more controlled environment, which student workers learn to provide.  In addition to the greenhouse on Scaffold Cane Road, a lean-to style greenhouse attached to the Biology building serves as a winter laboratory for storing tropicals and propagating plants.

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