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This emerging enterprise includes honey bees, poultry, and aquaculture species.  The honey bees have been a part of the horticulture operation for over a decade, generating honey while performing pollinating services for fruit and vegetable production.  Over the past eight years colonies have been managed without the use of any synthetic or organic pesticides.  The breeding stock has been selected based on its capacity to survive without such inputs and currently includes New World Carniolan, VSH, and swarms from local survivor colonies.  The poultry operations (boilers and layers) at the College Farm were re-established following several class projects over the past few years.  The current emphasis is on developing systems that require minimal capital investment and utilize local, existing resources as much as possible.  Two broiler breeds are currently being raised free-range on pasture: Heritage Whites and Freedom Rangers.   The layers include Barred Plymouth Rock, New Hampshire, and similar breeds.  Both the whole frozen broilers and eggs are sold to the College Dining Services and to the public through our certified roadside stand in the College Bookstore and at the local farmers market.  The aquaculture operation utilizes two former hog waste lagoons to produce tilapia, catfish and prawns.  These species are direct-marketed to the public in the fall.

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