Agriculture & Natural Resources Program


A marketing and value-added core team was initiated in the spring of 2009 to more thoroughly integrate and enhance the production and sale of food from the farm and greenhouse. The crux of these endeavors was creating a student-led market team to coalesce and propagate the transformation of raw field products into savory and delicious consumable goods for the retail market. Students are offered the opportunity to sell the products of their own labor: produce, meat, eggs, grains, herbs, mushrooms, honey, and plants. This enterprise is responsible for promoting and managing sales of products sold at the Berea Farmers Market, Berea College Dining Services, The College Bookstore, Boone Tavern, and other area businesses and restaurants. Currently, a ‘Farm-to-Table’ class is helping to develop product concepts for future market enterprises such as the Berea College Farm Store. The market and value-added team interfaces with the community through a weekly newsletter and Facebook page, relaying information about available products, sales, and the ready-to-eat foods made for hungry bellies at the farmers market.

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