Agriculture & Natural Resources Program

Dr. Mike Panciera

Emeritus Associate Professor of Agriculture and Natural Resources; Past Program Chair for Agriculture and Natural Resources; Past Clarence M. Clark Chair of Mountain Agriculture


At Berea CollegeĀ 1998-2014


  • Ph.D. in Agronomy, Pennsylvania State University, 1982
  • M.S. in Crop Science, University of Guelph, 1979
  • B.S. in Crop Science, University of Guelph, 1977

Honors and Awards

  • Visiting Professor, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, University of Kentucky, Fall 2006
  • Paul C. Hager Award for Excellence in Advising, 2006
  • Clarence M. Clark Chair in Mountain Agriculture, 2003-present
  • Teaching Award of Merit, National Association of Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture, 2001.


  • ANR 100 Introduction to Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • ANR 130 Plant Science
  • ANR 330 Forage and Row Crop Production
  • ANR 342 Soil and Water Conservation
  • ANR 375 Farm resource management
  • GSTR 110 Writing Seminar 1

Special Interests

  • Pastures and pasture management
  • Forage crop production and quality
  • Whole farm planning and decision-making
  • Diversified farm management
  • Local food production and marketing


  • American Forage and Grassland Council
  • American Society of Agronomy
  • Crop Science Society of America
  • Kentucky Forage and Grassland Society
  • Soil and Water Conservation Society
  • Kentucky Academy of Science

Papers and Publications

  • Panciera, M. 2010. Berea College Agriculture and Natural Resources: Integration of the academic and labor programs. Fall Conference of Work Colleges Consortium, 28-30 Oct 2010.
  • Hammond, S., J. Sands, and M. Panciera. 2008. Sausage as a value-added local pork product. Kentucky Academy of Science Annual Meeting, Oct 31-Nov 1, Lexington, KY. First place in agriculture and natural resources division poster contest.
  • Panciera, M. and S. Clark. 2007. Berea College Farm: Experiential Education Since 1895. Facilitating Sustainable Agriculture Education, 11-14 Jul 2007, Ithaca, NY
  • Smith, R. and M. Panciera. 2007. Using a grazing stick for pasture management. Pub. No. AGR 191, Univ. of KY Cooperative Extension Service, Lexington, KY
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  • Grabber, J.H., M.T. Panciera, and R.D. Hatfield. 2002. Chemical composition and enzymatic degradability of xylem and non-xylem walls isolated from alfalfa internodes. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 50:2595-2600.
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  • Bruce, L.B., M.T. Panciera, R.G. Gavlak, B.A. Tillman, and J.M. Cadle. 1995. Botanical and other characteristics in Arctic salt-affected coastal areas used by migratory geese and caribou. Journal of Range Management 48:206-210.
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  • Panciera, M.T. and S.D. Sparrow. 1995. Effects of nitrogen fertilizer on dry matter and nitrogen yields of herbaceous legumes in interior Alaska. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 75:129-134.
  • Panciera, M.T., L.B. Bruce, and R.G. Gavlak. 1993. Computer-aided evaluation of forage management: Forage Manager. Journal of Natural Resource and Life Sciences Education 22:163-168.
  • Walworth, J.L., R.G. Gavlak, and M.T. Panciera. 1992. Mehlich 3 extractant for determination of available B, Cu, Fe, Mn, and Zn in Cryic Alaskan soil. Canadian Journal of Soil Science 72:517-526.
  • Lopez-Guisa, J.M., L.D. Satter, and M.T. Panciera. 1991. Utilization of ensiled corn crop residues by Holstein heifers.
  • Journal of Dairy Science 74:3160-3166.
  • Jung, G. A., J. A. Shaffer, W. L. Stout and M. T. Panciera. 1990. Warm-season grass diversity in yield, plant morphology, and nitrogen concentration and removal in northeastern USA. Agronomy Journal 82:21-.

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