Field Crops

Farm equipment being operated in a field

The field crops (and machinery maintenance) enterprise handles producing:

  • corn,
  • hay,
  • and forages for livestock
  • as well as grains and pulses for human consumption.

The team maintains pastures with regular mowing, planting, and coordinating livestock grazing with the beef team.  Some of these fields have been put under no-till management. The purpose of this is to:

  • improve and maintain soil quality and
  • reduce the amount of external inputs.

The Farm pursues a commitment to responsible land stewardship.  The team also participates regularly in various NRCS soil conservation programs.  It recently completed the transition of nearly 100 acre of cropland to organic management. Students on this team must become proficient in operating and maintaining the farm’s tractors. They must also handle other planting and harvesting equipment safely and efficiently. The team established a biodiesel production system in 2011. It now satisfies a significant fraction of the Farm’s fuel needs with biodiesel made from used vegetable oil collected from the College’s dining hall.