Agriculture & Natural Resources Program


This activity often holds appeal to students interested in plant science (agronomy and horticulture) as well as those primarily interested in animal science. This is because honey bees play an important role in plant pollination and small-scale farming and are managed like “micro-livestock.” We established a small apiary in the spring of 2000 and it has become a useful teaching resource, stimulating interest in beekeeping, and provides benefits including pollination and honey production.  They also furnish hands-on laboratory work for students in Dr. Sean Clark’s beekeeping course.

In the summer of 2008, 10-20 hives yielded over 300 lbs. of honey to sell at the college farm’s market stand.  Currently, the Gardens and Greenhouse is pursuing certified organic honey production, which is contingent upon USDA approval of the organic management plan submitted by Dr. Sean Clark in spring/summer of 2009.


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