History of Foundation, Academy & Knapp Hall

Our Foundation, Academy and Knapp Hall alumni will return to campus this year for their biennial reunion. Read the history of these schools from our Hutchins Library Digital Archives.

Foundation School

The Foundation School was one of the five secondary departments of Berea College. The other departments included the: College, Normal, Academy, and Vocational schools. During President Hutchins’s administration the Normal and Vocational schools were discontinued and the Academy was reorganized eventually becoming a part of the Foundation School. Out of the four secondary departments outside of the College, the Foundation School held out the longest… READ MORE ABOUT FOUNDATION SCHOOL


The Academy was born during President Frost’s first year of administration at Berea, during 1892. Under Frost’s supervision the Preparatory Department was divided into two administrative sections; the elementary Model Schools, and the secondary Academy. The Academy maintained the high-school level courses of the old Preparatory Department. It benefited greatly from being associated with the college. Academy students had full access to the college library, and were able to take advantage of the activities provided by college including lectures, entertainment, and musical performances…. READ MORE ABOUT THE ACADEMY

Knapp Hall

The dedication of Knapp Hall as a training school for rural teachers took place on December 16, 1913. The building was a gift from Miss Katherine Knapp as a memorial to her brother, Arthur Mason Knapp. It stands today as a little brick building, located at a five minutes walking distance from other campus classrooms. Knapp Hall has served as a student observation and teaching facility for Berea College elementary education majors. It was under the supervision of the Foundation School, but it had its own separate principle and functioned primarily on its own. In 1956 Knapp Hall was transferred to the College Department of Education. Knapp Hall taught students from first grade to eighth grade….. READ MORE ABOUT KNAPP HALL