Berea College Online Catalog

Criteria for African and African American Studies Courses

African and African American Studies courses should adhere to the following criteria:

    1. At least 50 percent of the course material must engage issues pertaining to the African Diaspora and the socio-political constructions of “race.”
    2. The central focus of the course must clearly emphasize the contributions, perspectives, and experiences of African Diaspora peoples.
    3. The course content should reflect and acquaint students with African Diaspora scholarship, including African American scholars.
    4. The course must analyze the ways in which “race,” class, ethnicity, gender, and other systems of oppression and domination affect how “blackness” is constructed, experienced and expressed. The course should engage rather than ignore these differences.
    5. The course must equip students with the ability to identify and analyze stereotypes, assumptions, and biases that represent and disenfranchise peoples of the African Diaspora.
    6. The course should examine historical, political, social, and economic constructions of “race,” and attempt to deconstruct these notions.
    7. The course should explore the production of knowledge through the history, art, literature, and other disciplines that illustrate African Diaspora experiences.
    8. The course should examine institutional structures and modes of authority and power with specific consideration of the implications for African Diaspora peoples.