Dr. Carter G. Woodson Award & Scholarship

The Dr. Carter G. Woodson Scholar Award honors outstanding African American high school juniors who embody Dr. Woodson’s spirit in the areas of academic excellence, civic engagement, and community service. They are honored with:

  • An annual scholarship in the amount of $8,000. That’s $32,000 over the 4 years at Berea College!
  • A personalized award and recognition in the scholars’ local newspaper.
  • Early access to apply for free to Berea College as a senior.
  • An exclusive Woodson Scholar Preview Day.

Dr. Carter Goodwin Woodson, known worldwide as the “Father of Black History,” is a Berea College graduate and was the second African American to earn a doctorate degree from Harvard University He was the first to develop the field of African American studies and created Black History Month. His legacy exemplifies Berea’s centuries-old commitment to interracial education.

If you have any questions, please email kahlil_baker@berea.edu