KCTCS Faculty & Staff Information

To help further the implementation of the Memorandum of Agreement signed 4/6/2010 by KCTCS President Michael McCall and Berea College President Emeritus Larry Shinn, this site has been built as a resource for additional information on Berea College deadlines and programs related to the transfer of students from KCTCS schools to Berea College.

Berea has made an institutional priority of admitting transfer students as a way to serve the Commonwealth and the region by meeting a growing need while remaining consistent with Berea’s mission.

Profile of a typical transfer student

Students most successful in transferring to Berea are typically Pell-grant eligible, have a 3.25 or better transfer GPA and achieved a score of 20-30 on the ACT (1410-1980 SAT). Standardized test scores are required for transfer students with 24 or fewer hours at the time of application. Interested in more information on how to apply? See application requirements for transfer students.

Application Requirements

Application components required to be considered for admission to Berea College include an application form, final high school transcript (or GED report) and official college transcripts, official ACT or SAT I scores. (waived with transcript showing at least 24 hours of college credit), two Endorsement and Evaluation forms, Statement(s) of Good Standing from all colleges and universities previously attended, and official FAFSA results.

African American Transfer Initiative

The African American Transfer Initiative is a key element of this agreement and is intended to facilitate the transfer of African American graduates from KCTCS colleges to Berea College. Per the terms of the agreement, KCTCS diversity and transfer coordinators will nominate students who are well suited for participation in this program and of those nominated, Berea College will seek to accept African American students from KCTCS who meet admissions criteria related to academic performance and financial need.

Berea’s Nomination Program

Simply nominate a qualified student for Admission to Berea using our Nominate a Transfer Student Form and we’ll take it from there. We will add your nominees to our database of prospective transfer students and provide them with updates and additional information about enrolling at Berea. We are currently accepting nominations of transfer students and will continue to accept them until 3/15/2016. We recommend nominating a student by 2/1/2016 in order for the student to be contacted and complete an application by the first decision meeting.

Learning More About Berea

We welcome transfer students to visit Berea College’s campus. With that in mind, we encourage students, either individually or in small groups, to contact the Office of Admissions at 1-800-326-5948 or campusvisits@berea.edu.

Admissions Decisions for Transfer Students

The deadline for completed applications from transfer students is March 31, 2016. Incomplete applications as of April 1 will be denied admission. Berea College does not offer Spring admission to transfer students.

For any questions related to Admissions, please contact Luke Hodson, Director of Admissions at 859-985-3503.