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Aid for Other Costs

At Berea, meeting the costs of a college education is a partnership between students, their families, and the College.

Financial aid and scholarships are available for meeting the additional costs of housing, meals, and fees, depending upon financial need. Last year’s entering class paid an average of $1,234 for the full year.

You’ll be asked to contribute the resources you have available (outside scholarships and grant aid) and your EFC. Whether you cover your costs with savings, earnings from the Labor program, or loans is up to you. If your family does not have the resources to meet your expenses, the financial aid experts at Berea can work with you to arrange for educational loans.

Berea believes students should pursue loans only as a last resort. Because of this policy, our students graduate with some of the lowest levels of student debt. In fact, the average Berea student graduates with only $6,600 in student loans (the national average is $29,400) and about 1 in 3 of our students is able to graduate debt-free.

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