Applying as a Former Student

Below you’ll find complete application instructions for a former Berea College student applying for readmission.

 Spring SemesterFall/Summer Semesters
Application DeadlineOctober 1February 1
Decision NotificationMid to Late NovemberMid to Late March
Deposit & Declaration of Intent DueDate determined in Acceptance LetterDate determined in Acceptance Letter

1. Apply Online

Complete the Berea College Application for Admission. There is no application fee.

2. Submit an Essay 

Submit your essay response via the online submission form as a PDF. Essay should include: a.) How have you spent your time since leaving Berea College? b.) Share about your former experience and performance while enrolled at Berea College, including some explanation as to why you discontinued your enrollment. c.) What would you like the Admissions Decision Team to know about you prior to making a decision regarding your application for readmission that they otherwise would be unlikely to learn? d.) What are you planning to major in and how certain are you of your academic plans?


Submit the 2022-2023 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at It is available October 1. Berea’s FAFSA code is 001955.

4. Statement of Good Standing 

Submit a Statement of Good Standing from all institutions you have attended since leaving Berea (if applicable). 

5. College Transcript 

Submit your official transcripts from all institutions you have attended since leaving Berea (if applicable) at

*For eligible non-citizens, depending on your USCIS status, a copy of your permanent resident card or employment authorization card will be required.

Any (both domestic and international) student who has previously attended Berea as a degree-seeking student may apply.  Applicants are ineligible for readmission to Berea if they are in default of federal student loans or if they owe an account balance to Berea or any other institution they have attended prior to reapplying to Berea.

No.  Applicants are ineligible for admission to Berea if they are in default of their federal student loans, or if they owe a balance to any other institutions at the point of application to Berea.  Any applicant in default with their student loans will need to contact their loan provider to resolve their default.

No.  Potential readmission applicants must first resolve any outstanding account balance before submitting an application for readmission.  Account balances can be confirmed with the Student Accounts Office via phone.  Their phone number is 859-985-3094.

Yes.  Applicants will need to provide both official college transcripts and Statement of Good Standings from all institutions attended after Berea.

Students may be required to wait a prescribed length of time before being eligible to apply for readmission, depending upon the circumstances of their departure.

  1. Students who withdrew without suspension: Previously enrolled students must wait for one full regular term of absence before reapplying to Berea.
  2. Students who left on suspension: Unless designated at the time of suspension, a student who has been suspended from Berea cannot be considered for readmission until the passage of two regular terms of absence.

Yes.  All readmitted students will return with the same academic, labor, and social status assigned at the time of departure.  An application for readmission will not be considered in the case of a pending on-campus disciplinary charge and/or hearing until the case has been settled.

It is essential for all applicants to turn in all required materials before their application deadline.  Applicants may submit additional letters of recommendation, and are encouraged to do so.  These letters may come from old professors, current employers, and community leaders.  Applicants are also encouraged to pay particular attention to submitting a detailed essay which explains at length the preparations they have made for their success upon returning to Berea.

Students who withdrew from Berea before beginning classes are not considered readmit applicants.  These applicants would submit the new freshman or transfer application for admission, dependent upon their current college enrollment status.