Merit Pages

Let Berea College help you build a record of your success through Merit Pages!

In order to best recognize student accomplishments, Berea College, has partnered with Merit Pages to announce and acknowledge students for their achievements. With Merit, students will have a college-verified profile of their accomplishments.

Merit allows Berea to organize achievements online at where students can view and claim personalized stories, adding their own accomplishments to their page to create an online resume. Students can even share these stories with their friends and family through other social media networks, like Facebook and Twitter.


What is a Merit page?

A Merit page is a showcase of verified accomplishments. It consists of college-verified achievements and other activities, which can only be added to a student’s page by Berea College or a verified participating Merit partner organization. Additional activities and work experience can also be added and updated by the student.

Faculty and staff notify the Office of Academic Services of exceptional student achievements, provide a list of those students who earned the accomplishment or activity and a brief detail of the event/achievement. Academic Services will award a badge and publish to the student’s Merit page.

What is a badge?

Each achievement on your Merit page is accompanied by a badge that demonstrates affiliation with Berea College. Badges make it easy to showcase and identify all of your accomplishments on your Merit page and helps you distinguish your achievements when you share them on social media networks like Facebook.

Current Berea Badges

Why is having a Merit Page important?

  • Merit helps Berea students create a positive, professional, college-verified online identity.
  • Merit helps Berea students keep a record of college-verified achievements and activities for use on resumes and in job interviews.
  • Merit makes sharing good news with your family over email or social media networks easy.
  • Merit helps employers find the “good stuff” about you, and recognizes you for your accomplishments with official college badges that show your achievements are authentic and verified by Berea College.

How does Merit differ from LinkedIn?

Merit is actually a great compliment to LinkedIn. You can even connect your Merit page to your LinkedIn profile, if you have one. A key difference is that Berea College can update your Merit page for you, removing the burden of you needing to keep it current and remember what you’ve done. When you want to share your Merit page with potential employers or others, it is already there and built for you! Plus, your Merit page achievements are verified by Berea College and carry our official approval stamp.

Is Merit easy to use?

Yes! It is very easy. You should receive a welcome email to your Berea email inbox with your Merit username and password. Click the link in that email to sign into your Merit page and start personalizing it by adding a photo or bio.

You also have the ability to update your Merit page with additional education, activities, awards, and work experience as a companion to the verified updates provided by Berea College. The more you update your Merit page, the more compelling it becomes.

Find out more about how to manage your Merit profile.

What should students know?

Your Merit Page is created and updated automatically-you do not have to maintain it; the College does it for you! Other organizations in the Merit network, like honor societies and service groups can also add achievements to your Merit page.

You can, however, enhance and add to their pages if they desire. Merit allows you to customize their Merit page URL, add a profile photo, bio, and other activities and work experience. You can even include photos and videos to the activities you add to further demonstrate your involvement.

When you connect your Merit page to your social networks like, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, you’ll ensure that your friends and family can also see and learn about the great opportunities you’re taking advantage of and being recognized for at Berea College.

Can students mange privacy settings in Merit?

Your Merit Page was created for you by Berea in compliance with our FERPA policy, but you can control your privacy settings, including who and how people can discover your Merit page. Learn more about configuring your Merit page privacy settings.

Learn more about directory information.

We support your wish to keep your accomplishments private. Opting-out of Merit is easy and not only removes your page from, but also prevents Berea College or any other participating Merit organization from being able to publish achievements about you in the future. Privacy settings can be customized at any time, to opt-out, simply email You can always opt back into Merit at a later time.

What else can students do with Merit?

In addition to enhancing their Merit pages and connecting them to social networks, students can include their Merit page URL on their resumes and share it with potential employers or graduate admissions counselors. Merit is a verified showcase of your accomplishments and a powerful way to show employers the success, skills, and expertise you have gained while at Berea College.

How to claim your Merit page?

  1. Go to and type your name in the search bar beneath the Berea logo.
  2. Select your profile, and beneath your name on the next screen, click “Is this you?”
  3. Enter your Berea email address and submit the form. You should receive a confirmation email from Merit.
  4. “Claim” your Merit page by signing into email, Facebook or Twitter, and following the prompts. When you claim your page, you have several opportunities to select your own privacy setting and permissions. You may also “opt-out” of having a Merit page at any time.
  5. After you claim your page, you can add a photo and list other activities and work experience on profile.

Ideas for a Merit badge/update?

We would love to share stories about the students, programs, and accomplishments you are involved with on campus by publishing them to Berea’s Merit page.

Berea’s Merit Pages are managed by the Office of Academic Services. Students with questions about their Merit Page or faculty and staff with an idea for a Merit update should contact Amanda Leger by email at or at

For additional information about Merit, please visit


Contact or Amanda Leger at for assistance with Merit.