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Intervention Response Team

The Intervention Response Team meets weekly to discuss students who may need additional support in their engagement of the academic and labor aspects of the college experience.  The members of the team represent key areas of student support on campus. Students of discussion are identified through the Performance Check System or by information provided by the members of the team. The meeting is facilitated by Tiffany Hampton, Coordinator of Student Recognition and Intervention and appropriate follow-up and support is coordinated through the Office of Academic Services.

Performance Checks

The Performance Check program seeks to identify students who are at risk of failure to meet institutional expectations for acceptable academic, labor, and social performance. In cases where the College becomes aware of student difficulty, the student’s Academic Advisor and/or the coordinator of the Early Intervention Program may initiate contact with the student through the use of Mandatory Meeting requests. Faculty and staff members may report excessive absences or other signs of academic difficulty to the Performance Checks Program. The student’s instructors, labor supervisor, advisor, and collegium will be contacted to determine if the problem is widespread. A student demonstrating significant problems may be called in for counseling and academic assistance. The student’s advisor and the instructor who initiated the performance check will be notified of any action. Excessive attendance problems and lack of engagement in either the academic or labor programs may result in college-initiated administrative withdrawal.

Early Feedback

An Early Alert Survey is sent to Faculty and Staff during the third and fourth week of classes through the Hobsons Retain tool. Feedback collected in the Early Alert survey is organized and distributed to Academic Advisors for follow up and is also used during the Intervention Team meetings to identify students at risk and by the Office of Academic Services for appropriate referrals and follow-up.

Mid-term and Final Grade Review and Advisor Meetings

Mid-term and final grade reports are organized and distributed to Advisors on campus for appropriate follow-up with assigned advisees. The report of Mid-term grades is also reviewed by the Intervention Team and the Office of Academic Services to identify students at risk as well as identifying students who are no longer engaged in the academic environment. Appropriate follow-up is coordinated through the Office of Academic Services including assisting students with academic processes to ensure adherence to campus policy and to best serve the student situation (Example: Leave of Absence, Course Withdrawal, part-time status, or Administrative Withdrawal).

Summer Success Experience

The Summer Success Experience is an 8-week summer program offered to 15-18 first-year students (rising second-year students) who are at risk for suspension or academic failure but who have demonstrated a potential for success. The SSE program provides an intensive and structured environment for struggling students who have been identified by faculty as having a likelihood of success if offered a final opportunity to address strategies for academic success.

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