Advising & Support

Academic advising is central to the education of every Berea College student. The relationship between the academic adviser and the student is the foundation of the advising process at Berea. In this process, the adviser assists the student in reviewing, selecting, and reaching his/her educational objectives in a helpful, professional, and mutually respectful atmosphere that allows students to:

    1. Become well informed about policies and procedures, curricula options, and academic program requirements.
    2. Define their educational objectives.
    3. Plan programs that incorporate their interests, abilities, and career goals.
    4. Make full use of the resources available at Berea College. Upon matriculation at Berea, each student is assigned an academic adviser with whom he or she will work until a major is declared. Once a major is declared, which usually occurs during the term in which the student will earn his or her 15th credit, the student will begin to work with an adviser in the chosen discipline.


The Student Service Center coordinates mathematics placement testing for incoming students.

The office also oversees the awarding of credit through the CEEB Advanced Placement Examination and College-Level Examination Program, as well as the Advanced Standing Examination program administered by Berea College faculty. Questions regarding academic testing may be directed to.

Departure from Campus

Students may depart campus for a number of reasons: graduation, leave of absence, withdrawal, etc. To ensure that all business is completed prior to departure, students must process a clearance card, which requires them to secure signatures from certain individuals and departments on campus. Individuals who are departing campus may obtain a clearance card from the Student Service Center, First Floor Lincoln Hall. Graduate clearance cards are placed in Hutchins Library near the end of Fall and Spring Terms.

Students who intend to discontinue enrollment at Berea College prior to graduation should consult with their academic advisor and Curtis Sandberg, Director of Academic Services, and then report to the Student Service Center to begin the withdrawal process.

NOTE: Any student-initiated withdrawal should be considered carefully with respect to the loss of financial aid and potential repayment requirements. Withdrawn students also must reapply for admission to the college. However, readmission has become a very competitive process and successful applicants for readmission almost always leave Berea in good academic standing.