Academic Progress & Intervention Efforts

Our office offers the following services:

  1. Provide student academic guidance and consultation in collaboration with faculty and academic advisors.
  2. Meet with students on a regular basis about academic planning.
  3. Administrate and/or support academic policies about student progress. This includes:
    1. Extension of terms
    2. Leaves of absence
    3. Withdrawals
    4. Monitoring of Satisfactory Academic Progress
    5. Midterm grade analysis
  4. Coordinate and lead the campus Intervention Response Team, SAAS Committee.
  5. Put in place proactive retention strategies including:
    1. Faculty feedback surveys
    2. Roster checks
    3. 3-week early alerts
    4. Performance checks.
  6. Identify and respond to student academic difficulties.
  7. Coordinate GST 101: Strategies for Academic Success.