Message from the Academic Vice President

Welcome to Berea College’s website on Academic Programs Assessment.

Berea College is an institution whose founding mission was to provide a high-quality education to students of great promise but limited economic means. Today, we remain resolute in our dedication to providing the highest quality educational experiences to students primarily from the Appalachian region, but who also come to us from all corners of the earth. To affirm this commitment to excellence, we recognize the importance of, and central role for, the ongoing assessment of our student learning outcomes. Only through the practice of ongoing and systematic assessment are we able to acknowledge and celebrate our successes, while seizing upon opportunities for continuing improvement in the learning outcomes our students achieve.

Chad Berry Headshot
Dr. Chad Berry

Berea College is committed to articulating our expectations for student learning and achievement and ensuring that all necessary resources are in place and easily accessible to assess the degree to which these expectations are met. My colleagues on the faculty  take great pride in setting high standards for their students, assessing progress toward those standards, and finding ways to better assist students to reach or surpass those standards. The mission of the Director of Academic Assessment directly reflects the value that Berea College places on the assessment of student learning and the use of that assessment to continue improving student learning.

As Academic Vice President and Dean of the Faculty, I value the faculty and students who strive to meet our high academic standards. Embracing and valuing the assessment process, and the invaluable feedback it provides, serves to not only strengthen our curricula, but pushes us all to become even better teachers and learners. To that end, the Office of the Academic Vice President will make every effort to support faculty as they assess their programs and courses and adopt evidence-based strategies toward continual improvement.


 Chad Berry
Academic Vice President and Dean of the Faculty