Academic Program Assessment at Berea College

Pie chart illustrating 5 step assessment process for continuous improvement of student learning at Berea College.

Central to Berea College’s mission is the overarching goal to promote student learning in the most effective and engaging manner possible within a liberal arts tradition. Through the regular and systematic use of assessment practices, faculty continually strive to better know and understand not only what their students are learning, but also how well they are learning. Using this knowledge and understanding, faculty engage in a process of continual reflection and improvement that leads to a richer and more effective curriculum and/or program. The resources found within this site support the efforts by Berea College faculty and academic programs to continually improve student learning. Please explore and make use of these resources, and be sure to check back often for updates and new materials. As always, please contact me with any feedback, suggestions, and/or additional resources that you feel will make this site more effective/helpful.

Best wishes,

Rob Smith, Ph.D.
Director of Academic Assessment & Associate Professor of Psychology