Our Motto

Fountain in Berea College Commons sporting College Motto "God has made of one blood all peoples of the earth."

“God has made of one blood all peoples of the earth”                (Acts 17:26).

Since its founding in 1855, Berea College’s scriptural foundation, “God has made of one blood all peoples of the earth,” has shaped the institution’s culture and programs. Founder John G. Fee, an ardent abolitionist, asserted that Berea was founded “in the midst of many privations and persecutions to preach and apply a gospel of impartial love…”

Guided by this inclusive Christian message of impartial love, Berea’s founders held fast to their radical vision of a college and a community committed to interracial education, to the Appalachian region, and to the equality of all women and men from all “nations and climes.” This scriptural heritage compelled Berea College to serve all persons regardless of race, creed, color, gender, or class and led the College to draw its students from two immediate constituencies: African-Americans freed by the American Civil War and “loyal” white mountaineers.