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Take Back the Kitchen: Feminism’s Fourth Wave

“Take Back the Kitchen” is a new feminist slogan for activating a movement to reclaim simple, traditional foods that will lead to families and communities eating a more sustainable American diet. With food-related diseases mounting in the country, taking back the kitchen signifies a visionary feminist resistance to the corporate driven food culture, characterized by salty, fatty, sweet processed meals. While reclaiming our diets, and our bodies, from the fast food industry may seem an unlikely project for a feminist agenda, the work to transform the American diet reflects an ardent struggle to undermine power driven, national agencies whose real hunger is for profits over people.

The ability to subordinate people’s health and longevity is rooted in a patriarchal tradition of privilege that allows a predominantly male-led industry to assert control over the life of communities, while ignoring the costs of irresponsible agricultural and food practices on people, especially women and children. The high cost of cheap food has robbed the United States population of its own health and stamina, and if women won’t lead the way out of this, who will?

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