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Making Sure Your Slider Conforms

Posted on by Doug Widner

It’s compelling to come across a web page that keeps you looking. A nice, big “slider” at the top of your homepage and/or popular landing pages is one good way to appeal to visitors.

Berea.edu uses the Lambert All-In-One Content Slider on its home page (www.berea.edu) and many sites within the constellation use it, too.

We’re publishing, today, a “WCM Tip” titled “How to configure an ALLINONE CONTENTSLIDER for use in berea.edu.” The point is to keep these sliders performing predictably throughout the constellation. To do that, there are certain settings in the slider’s configuration that should be turned ON and others that should be turned OFF.

This “Tip” is available as a Word “.docx” file and can be downloaded here.

We recommend that you take a look if you are already using one or more sliders in your site OR if you think you might use one later.


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