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The Berea College Web Team is comprised of staff from the Integrated Marketing & Communications group (within the Alumni and College Relations Division) and students occupying a number of positions in the Labor Program.

Our mission is to provide an effective web presence that meets institutional and web user needs. To this end, the web communications office and web team work to:

  • Ensure a secure and functional web content management system (WCMS). The current WCMS contains about 120 web sites and approximately 4,000 pages.
  • Ensure web content managers are trained and have access to help, training and task documentation.
  • Ensure the college brand is consistently applied and maintained throughout all websites within our WCMS, and that branding styles and elements are appropriately used wherever the college is represented on the Internet.
  • Help web content managers and other stakeholders maintain dynamic and vibrant websites through quality design and functionality, imagery, and text.


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