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Sustainability and Environmental Studies (SENS) Program

The Sustainability and Environmental Studies (SENS) Program, which began in 1999, is a multidisciplinary academic program that explores the challenges of creating a sustainable society. While the SENS Program officially offers only a minor, the program has graduated at least 12 independent majors and almost 30 minors. SENS emphasizes experiential learning (learning-by-doing) and lateral thinking — the ability to see and understand relationships. Core courses include ecology, ecological design, green architecture, and agroforestry.

The SENS Program offers Compton Internships in Ecological Design, a Berea College-funded initiative supporting student ecological design projects. Berea College students are also eligible to apply for the Compton Mentor Fellowship, which is funded and administered by the Compton Foundation to support innovative, student-initiated projects that “focus on environment and sustainable development, or connect environmental concerns with peace and conflict resolution, or population and family planning issues.”

For more information about the SENS academic curriculum, visit the Berea College Catalog & Student Handbook.

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