Office of Sustainability

Residence Halls and Sustainability

Several residence halls have been renovated in recent years and include green building features and innovative spaces for studying and socializing.

Date     Residence Hall

1999     Fairchild
1999     Danforth
2000     Kettering
2001     Blue Ridge
2003     Kentucky-Talcott
2003     EcoVillage Apartments
2004     James
2007     Pearsons
2008     Elizabeth Rogers
2008     Edwards

For example, Kentucky-Talcott Halls includes an adjoining atrium that provides extensive daylighting in common study spaces.  The renovation also includes energy-efficient fixtures, super-insulated windows with low-E glazing, and reuse of most of the existing structure. Similarly, Pearsons Hallincludes energy-efficient appliances, motion-sensor lighting, as well as common area flooring made of bamboo, which is a renewable resource that grows faster than trees.

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