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Campus Environmental Policy Committee (CEPC)

The Campus Environmental Policy Committee (CEPC) monitors the progress of Berea College toward ecological sustainability—the ability to meet current needs without degrading the natural systems and resources required to meet future needs—and recommends policies and actions that will promote progress toward ecological sustainability. The responsibilities of the CEPC also include:

  • Developing a method for measuring the progress of Berea College toward ecological sustainability.
  • Overseeing the preparation, at least bi-annually, of a report assessing the College’s progress toward ecological sustainability.
  • Identifying opportunities for linkages between actions taken to increase the ecological sustainability of the campus, and the efforts of the SENS Program and others to increase the awareness and understanding of students, faculty, and staff of environmental issues and pathways toward sustainability.

The CEPC consists of three elected College Faculty members; three elected General Faculty members who are not members of the College Faculty; two students appointed by SGA; and one ex officio member, the Vice President of Business and Administration.  College and General Faculty members of the CEPC are elected by the General Faculty Assembly and serve staggered three-year terms.

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