Three members of staff
From Left to right: Emily LaDoucer, Marie Gibaldi, and Alicia Klopfer

The Collegium, a team of student life professionals who live in the residence halls, oversees day-to-day life, program implementation, and hall-wide activities. Many upper-class students serve as Hall Coordinators and Residence Assistants through the Labor Program; they help the Collegium carry out its aim.

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Beverly Abney, Administrative Assistant

Channell Barbour

Channell Barbour, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Student Life, Office of Labor and Student Life

Matthew Baker Portrait

Matthew Baker, Student Life Team Member: Kettering and James Halls, Training and Development, Assessment, Housing

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Elaine Adams, Student Life Team Member: Ecovillage

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Benjamin Dunn, Student Life Team Member: Deep Green Residence Hall, Judicial, Branding, sustainability, Student Intervention and Response, KAHO

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Dara Evans, Housing Team, Campus Life, KAHO Team, Training and Development, Clubs and Organizations

Marie Gibaldi

Marie Gibaldi, Student Life Team Member: Pearsons and Elizabeth Rogers, Training/Development, Policy Procedures

Johann St. John

Johann St. John, Student Life Team Member: Danforth, Bingham and Edwards Hall, Judicial, Assessment Team Member

Alicia Klopfer

Alicia Klopfer, Student Life Team Member: Dana Hall

Loretta Reynolds

Loretta Reynolds, College Chaplain

Michael A. Thomas

Michael A. Thomas, Student Life Team Member: Kentucky-Talcott Hall