Office of the Registrar

Transfer of Credit

Berea College accepts the amount of credit assigned by the original institution, transposing it into comparable course credits or fractions of such credits. One Berea College course credit represents four semester hours or six quarter hours. Thus, a three-semester-hour course will transfer as a .75 course credit; a four-semester-hour course will transfer as one course credit, and so on.

The credit for courses in which grades of “C” or better have been earned will be accepted. If not accepted to meet a specific Berea College requirement, such credit will be designated as elective credit. In addition, no credit will be given for courses not at the college level, including remedial courses, or for courses for which grades of C-, D+, D, D-, F, P, S, U, or their equivalents, have been assigned.

All transfer work is evaluated by the Office of the Registrar. The office will consult with Academic Program Coordinators in order to determine Berea College departmental course equivalencies in those instances for which curricular equivalencies are not clear.

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