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Change of Advisor/Major/Minor/Concentration

Approval from your advisor and/or chairperson is required before any changes can be made. We will send a copy of this form to the people from which you need permission.
Please talk to your advisor prior to filling out this form.

If adding or changing a major, a “Curriculum Plan for Declaration of Major” form must be submitted as well. That is currently a printable form on the ‘forms’ page of the registrar’s website.

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The purpose of this form is to request:*
 Change of Advisors (Current and new advisor's permission needed) Change of Major (Advisor and Chairperson of new Major's permission needed) Change/Drop of Minor (Advisor and Chairperson of new Minor's permission needed) Change/Drop of Concentration (Advisor and Chairperson of new concentration's permission needed)


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Current Advisor's Name*

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Current Major/Minor/Concentration

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New Major/Minor/Concentration

Name of Chairperson of New Major/Minor/Concentration

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Adding or dropping a second advisor?
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By checking this box you are saying that you are the student to whom this form applies, and that you have talked to your advisor and/or chairperson before completion.*

If there are any issues in completing this form please contact Eric Rhodes ( or the webteam (

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