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The Online Bookstore is now open. Visit for all of your textbook needs!

Online Bookstore

We are happy to announce the new Berea College Online Bookstore

Beginning this Fall, the Berea College Bookstore located on College Square will no longer sell textbooks, but will remain open for all of your other needs. You will still be able to get your textbooks for Summer classes in the Bookstore but, beginning this Fall, you will have the option of using the new Berea College Online Bookstore.

Within the Online Bookstore, you have two options for purchasing textbooks:

Option 1:

Once you access the Online Bookstore, choose from new, used, rental, and E-books and save an average of 60% off the list price AND get free shipping on orders over $49.

Option 2:

Choose “The Marketplace.”” The Marketplace operates just like You can select textbooks from hundreds of independent sellers and save up to as much as 90% off the list price. However, shipping charges may apply and delivery times and return policies can vary.

The Online Bookstore website is easy to navigateĀ - all you do is search by your course title, course number, or instructor name AND your student account can be used.

Watch for more announcements and information about log-in procedures by email over the summer, on the website, and myberea, and make sure to buy your textbooks for the Fall Term when the Online Bookstore opens on August 1.

If you have any questions, pleaseĀ refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Any further questions? Email us at or call us at 859.985.3197

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