Music Program

Concert Choir

Under the direction of Dr. Stephen Bolster
and Accompanied by Ryan Shirar

The Berea College Concert Choir is a vocal ensemble of about 60 undergraduate men and women chosen by audition each year from the Berea College student body. Choir members represent the true diversity of Berea College in all its aspects—ethnic background, race, nationality, and major. Music majors comprise about one quarter of the membership. The choir performs several concerts each year both on and off campus. Occasionally, the group travels on major international concert tours. Repertoire consists of both sacred and secular choral literature in several languages chosen from a variety historical periods, including anthems, motets, masses, folk songs, spirituals, popular music, and music theatre selections. The conductor of the choir is Dr. Stephen Bolster, Professor of Music. Concert Choir is an academic course at Berea College (MUS 131), and members can earn .25 course credit for each semester of participation.

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