Mountain Folk Festival


2015 Mountain Folk Festival Dances:

  1. Take A Dance (English Country Dance)
  2. Lady Walpole’s Reel (19th Century American Contra Dance)
  3. Grand Square Quadrille (American Square Dance)
  4. Circle Waltz (English Country Dance)
  5. Glen Echo Promenade (American Circle Mixer by Bob Dalsemer)
  6. Jump Josie (American Singing Game)
  7. The Crested Hen (Danish Folk Dance)
  8. Trip to Lambertville (American Contra Dance by Steve Zakon-Anderson)
  9. Oliver’s Maggot (English Country Dance by Dawn Winskill)
  10. May Day Carol

Dance instructions and a CD of the music, plus an instructional DVD are available from the
Berea College Dance Programs office at a cost of $35.

Call Jennifer Escobar at 859-582-7014 or email her at

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