Mountain Folk Festival


Mountain Folk Festival 2014 Dances

1. Gisburn Processional (English)

2. Sellenger’s Round (English)

3. Childgrove (English Longways)

4. Zombies of Sugar Hill (American Contra)

5. Big Set (double bow knot; eight hands over; birdie in the cage;
mountaineer loop; wagon wheel)

6. Gathering Peascods (English)

7. Old Bald Eagle (Singing Game)

8. Totur Fra Vejle (Danish)

9. The Twelve Reel (English trio – Pat Shaw’s version)

10. Louisiana Swing (American Singing Square)

11. Hull’s Victory (American contra)

12. Newcastle (English 4 couple)

Song: May Day Carol

Dance instructions and a CD of the music, plus an instructional DVD are available from the
Berea College Dance Programs office at a cost of $35.

Call Jennifer Escobar at 859-582-7014 or email her at

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